What to Bring On Your Fishing Trip To Alaska

All Alaska Boat Rental boats include the safety gear required by the US Coast Guard.  In addition to the required coast guard equipment, Alaska Boat Rental goes beyond and provides additional information and equipment to ensure you have the safest experience possible. Please always remember, no amount of equipment will substitute for good decision making, boating within personal limits, conditions and weather factors.    See our Equipment page.  

Alaska weather can change very quickly.  Summers are always the best time but even then temperatures and weather can fluctuate. It is not uncommon to go from needing sunscreen and T-shirts one hour to needing a raincoat and long sleeved warm gear the next.  In addition nightly lows are usually in the 50’s where long sleeves and a light jacket might be needed for comfort.

In addition, you should plan to bring the following at a minimum:

  • Additional layers of wool or synthetic clothing for warmth

  • Hat and gloves

  • Full rain gear with rain hat or hood to stay dry

  • Change of clothes in waterproof bag

  • Insect repellant, hat, sun glasses, sunscreen

  • Knife

  • Compass

  • Fire starter

  • Emergency food and plenty of water

  • Communications device

    • Cellphones work on the lower Kenai River​

Layered clothes work best, and you can peel off layers as the morning warms up. Having enough water is very important.  While you’re on the water, boating guidelines say you should drink 5-8 ounces every 15-20 minutes. That means that one gallon of water is needed per person for 5-8 hours on the water.  Put another way, if you have 4 people in the boat for a 12 hour day you need 6 gallons of water.  If that sounds like a lot, it is because you lose more fluids when on the water.  We have drinking water jugs available with our rentals. See Gear Rentals page.

Optional items that you may want to bring along are:

  • Camera

  • Binoculars

  • Survival gear

  • GPS*

  • Marine radio or satellite phone*

  • Waders*

  • Fishing gear*

* See Gear Rentals page for available equipment that we rent

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