Hire a Guide Or Rent A Boat?

Should you hire the services of a professional guide or rent a boat and do it on your own? This an important question.  Alaska Boat Rental can tell you the answer is emphatically YES TO BOTH! Let us take a moment to explain the reasons why. 

Hiring a Alaska Fishing Guide
When To Hire A Guide
Do It Yourself Self Guided Salmon Fishing
When To Hire A Boat From Alaska Boat Rentals

First Time Visitors  

If you are visiting this area for the first time or you have a limited schedule, hiring a guide is absolutely the only way to go. We know the rivers and how to productively fish them. Even experienced anglers need a some coaching on tackle and technique to first productively for their first time trip to Alaska.


Rods, reels, lures, live bait, and absolutely everything is generally taken care of for you. The fishing guides at Alaska Boat Rental & Guide Service have been doing this a long time and are happy to teach you all the fine points of productively fishing these waters.

Catching A King

As detailed on other pages of this website, the Chinook Salmon is the least abundant and yet most sought after prize of all the salmon species. These salmon run in the deepest parts of the river and even the most experienced guides will tell you that once a King Salmon is on there is a 50/50 chance of landing it. They are big strong fighters and many things can happen between hooking and landing a King. Your best shot at achieving this feat is clearly with a guide. 

Experience Counts

Catching a large King Salmon from the shore is nearly impossible.  You really need to be in the proper areas of the river away from the shoreline, in a boat. Having fishing experience in the area with a licensed professional guide will greatly enhance your ability to be successful fishing on your own whether it is for Salmon, Halibut or any species of fish. Guides will also show you the ‘Dos and Don’ts that are practiced in the area.


Longer Stays

Most visitors to the Kenai Peninsula stay for more than a few days. The scenery, variety of rivers, and variety of fishing really require more time to fully experience the area. Hiring a guide every day can quickly get beyond the budget for most people. At approximately $250.00 per angler per day the costs add up quickly.  With a boat from Alaska Boat Rental you can take five people out for roughly the same cost as one person with a guide. 


Fish The River At Quieter Times

The State of Alaska Board of Fisheries has adopted policies that limit both the days of the week and hours of the day that Kenai River Sport Fishing Guides can operate. Alaskan fishing guides are not allowed to be guiding on the river after 6:00 PM in May, June and July.  So around 6:00 PM each day the river becomes a serene place to fish and there's still plenty of daylight between 6:00 PM and Midnight.  


Guided fishing is also not allowed on Sundays and Mondays in May, June and July.  This makes Sundays and Mondays really great days to be on the water in your own self-managed boat. In addition, on the Kenai River fishing from motorboats is not allowed on Mondays. This does not mean that motor boats are not allowed on the river. You are just not allowed to fish from a motor boat.  Using the boat to drive to and from fishing locations and then fishing outside of the boat is perfectly acceptable.


Enjoy The River And The Area

With so many miles of pristine river, scenery, and wild-life, exploring it is best done with a boat.  Whether it is trying your hand on the Kasilof or simply boating to the mouth of the Kenai to watch the dipnetters, fishing from a boat provides the best access and the best view.


The best fishing holes are found in those areas of the river that naturally channel the fish.  The lower Kenai river is full of wide sweeping turns that channel the fish perfectly into great fishing holes but they are only accessed via boat.  Big Eddy, Harry Gaines, RW's and Stewarts are just a few. Having your own boat changes the entire experience.

Increased Flexibility

When you want to do things on your own time and terms, renting a boat from Alaska Boat Rental is a great way to go. Guiding your own boat means fishing where you want and when you want. Take breaks when you feel like it, grab lunch, stop for some sockeye fishing and then go back to fishing for kings. How you spend the day is entirely up to you


From boats, mountain bikes and RV rentals to full service guided adventures, lodging and customized trips, Alaska Boat Rental & Guide Service does it all. We invite to you explore what we do and give us a call to learn more